• Hamilton Elementary School (HES) is in the early stages of research and discussion of implementing a Dual Immersion Program. You are invited to attend our informational nights! Parent support is extremely important to this process.

    In this section you will find information on recent meetings held at HES.

What is a Dual Immersion Program?

  • Dual Immersion Programs encourage positive interaction between English and Spanish speaking groups ensuring that students learn from each other. As friendships build, children become excited about working and playing in two languages.

    Emphasis on learning academic subjects through Spanish language instruction in the early grades allows English-speakers to have maximum exposure to Spanish. Spanish speakers have the opportunity to build a strong base in their first language, enabling them to be more successful as they begin to acquire English.

    What can this type of program provide?

    • Develop fluency in two languages: Spanish and English.
    • Learn in an ethnically, culturally, and linguistically integrated environment.
    • Work cooperatively developing self-esteem and good social interaction skills.
    • Enrich their appreciation of the cultural diversity of our state.
    • Experience a wide variety of linguistic and cultural opportunities.

    Parent Participation

    Parent participation in the Immersion Program is important and essential to the success of the program. You are encouraged to volunteer in the classroom, to work with your children at home and to participate in school organizations and activities.