• The Nutrition Team strives to provide outstanding customer service to our guests every day.  It is our goal to greet the students with a smile, use their name, thank them for joining us and invite them back.  We value our students and continue to work to provide a fun, healthy environment for them to enjoy their meals.

    • School meals provide a foundation for the learning and health of Hamilton students.
    • School meals provide over half of the daily recommended levels of key nutrients that children need to grow.
    • Students that participate in school breakfast have improved academic and test performance compared to students that don’t eat breakfast or eat at home.
    • Students that participate in school meals are less likely to be obese than their peers.
    • School nutrition programs provide a natural classroom to teach nutrition and healthy eating habits which last a lifetime.
    • State and federal grants for special education, afterschool programs and many other services uses school meal data to determine funding levels.
    • Healthy participation in school nutrition programs improve the overall financial health of schools.
    • School nutrition programs helps expose growing children to a wide variety of foods.

    No need to pack a lunch! School nutrition programs can provide healthy and hearty meals without the hassle of packing a lunch each day.

    Thank you for supporting the HUSD Nutrition program!